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Character Moment: Turn-Around Man

old manI’ve heard he was in the Vietnam War and that fact by itself could explain his odd habits. He can be seen walking across parks, lots, even crossing the street in the same manner. Five paces and a three step turn. Once isn’t such a huge deal, but he’ll do it all the way down the block. He makes me dizzy watching him, I can’t understand how he stays in a straight line. I’d hate to see him walking a dog that way.

And at first, his dance almost seems comical and then a little tragic, until I consider that this type of behavior might have been cultivated in a battle zone. Being aware of everyone around him at all times likely kept him alive.
He speaks very little. In fact, I’ve never heard him say anything. But he has a broad tooth grin that he uses quite often.
“How ya doin’ today?” I’ll ask.
He’ll smile and nod while he glances first over my shoulder and then over his own. Clearly, I’m no threat, but he doesn’t let his guard down. He nods again as a goodbye then saunters along the crosswalk, five paces and a three step turn.
The pirouette has drawn the nickname “turn-around man,” and few people even  know his real name. I assume that his proper name is known, at least by his employer. This company was brilliant in hiring him. Someone who focuses on every thing around him with the detail of a detective. And yet he smiles with a broad, sincere welcome.
The Walmart greeter that they had before him never smiled and hardly even glanced at the folks when they came in. But Turnaround Man keeps his eyes roving from the entrance to the folks leaving at all times and is never without his grin and nod.
But I still don’t know his name. And his name tag is no help. Oh, he has one all right. It says, “T.A.M.”
Your Turn: Keep your eyes open today. Do you see any interesting quirks.


Surviving Stupidity – a Lesson from Iron Man 3

IronMan3Google defines stupidity as “behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgment.” While I hesitate to call anyone stupid, even characters in a book or movie, that definition applied well to Tony Stark in his latest episode, Iron Man 3.

In fact, the very of essence of stupidity was played out across the screen when Tony Stark threatened an insane killer on national television and then proceeded to Continue reading

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Review: Raptor 6

Book cover of Raptor 6 with a buy linkOne of my all-time favorite authors has another series and another layer to her expertise.

Captain Dean Watters has been the operations leader for several missions during the Breed Apart series. Now we get his story in this, the first book of The Quiet Professionals series. Continue reading

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New Suspense Sisters Review

Nowhere to TurnHave I mentioned how much I like Lynette Eason’s books? If you didn’t catch my review on her first one, No One to Trust, hit the link.

But today offers a new Lynette Eason book and a new reviewer at SUSPENSE SISTERS Book Reviews. Use the link at the SUSPENSE SISTERS blog.

Make sure you leave a comment and say HI to our newest reviewer, Sandra Ardoin!


Iron Man 3 and Biblical Worldview

IronMan3bLast week, I started digging into Iron Man 3 and what truth the movie could hold for someone with a Christian perspective. We went through how the way we treat people, even without thinking about it – usually without thinking about it – can make enemies. At the very least, can set up first impressions that aren’t easily overcome. Continue reading

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Character Moments

WMbubblesI’m preparing to teach a class on creating and analyzing characters to a bunch of home schooled high schoolers. I confess, the prospect and planning have kept character attributes on the forefront of my mind.

I sat in the mall food court the other day, (teenage sleepover event) and made little notes about everything I noticed. Continue reading


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