Marji Laine: Author

Faith~Driven Fiction

I write faith-based stories with humor, romance, and intrigue. You can catch most of my thoughts on my blog. This site is filled with articles on writing, reading, inspiration, and things about me and my books. I hope you’ll stick around. And be sure to give me a holler and say “Hi!” And don’t forget to keep up with all that’s going on!

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My mom calls me the normal one of the family. I had to remind her that I’m the one who talks to characters in my head for a living. LOL! Find out about me and my quirky, but adorable family!WMdistracted My beagle, Marcie, wearing spectacles in the middle of a pile of books.My blog, Faith~ Driven Fiction, includes book reviews, author interviews, as well as articles about life and writing. My current series is called “Reader Rejectables,” things that make readers put a book down. A Dozen Apologies CoverWhat a delight to indulge in what I love. Authoring books is an amazing journey – not easy by any means, but worth it! Here you can find information on my latest book and links to all of those available.
My writing is Faith~Driven, with Faith being the operative word. While my novels don’t preach, they do stem from my relationship with the Savior. What’s inside comes out. This is a place to find devotions of all sorts, particularly my Fathoming God series where I investigate His names.Bible Find dozens of articles on the craft of writing here. From expository to my series on heroes, heroines, and romance.My grandfather's typewriter. Yep, he was a writer, too, though he focused on poetry. Sometimes you can find me at other blogs or even other venues. Check out my schedule here. And I’m usually online, so leave me a comment here (I’ll respond!) or find me at Facebook, Twitter, and even Goodreads, and Pinterest.


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