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3 Ways Mercy Follows

eagleThat title sounds downright profound. Don’t get me wrong, this is a deep message, but on the surface of things, Mercy is actually the main character in my latest book which you can get free right now. (Here’s the Link!)

In the story, Mercy Lacewell  feels rather listless. She has no Continue reading

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2 Great Reasons

CoverToday, July 1, is the release day of my latest publication! Woohoo! I’m excited,

but . . .

YOU get the best part!

There are 2 great reasons for you to visit today!  Continue reading


Put the Gun Down!

old gunHow many cop shows and books include this line? I was watching a movie the other day. I thoroughly liked this one, just for the record. At the most exciting part of the movie, the bad guy is Continue reading

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Revelation of my Hero!

CoverFay Lamb is sharing secrets! All of the authors of Unlikely Merger are being connected to their heroes, and mine was revealed! Check out Fay’s blog to not only find out who I wrote about, but where his character came from and what celebrity inspired me!

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At Lena Nelson Dooley’s Blog!

I’m so honored to be the featured author today at A Christian Writer’s World, Lena Nelson Dooley’s blog. She’s had such amazing authors on there, I’m excited to be numbered among them.

So stop by. (Here’s the Link) and see a little insight into writing with collaborators!

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3 Lessons from a Backed up Pipe: Part 1

hazmat worker

Photo by Nino Satria

Have you ever noticed how the Lord uses intense circumstances – even those that aren’t things that we caused – to strengthen our faith and teach us lessons? It reminds me of a verse in one of my favorite Bible chapters, Continue reading

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Last Chance to Vote!

Vote now!

10616590_10152970895921984_2514991981585398276_n (1)This vote is a close one! Just one vote can mean the difference between Mercy choosing your favorite – a guy with a heart of gold who will send her to happily-ever-after-land – or someone else’s favorite! (Of course any of these amazing men can lead to wedded bliss!)

But why let her marry someone else’s favorite??? Let the winner be YOUR choice!

Vote now!


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