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3 Types of Agh—No, 4

I was so flattered and delighted to be invited to post on Jennifer Hallmark’s blog this week, and I got to write on a topic that frankly plagues me. In fact, I even make a confession.

For today’s devotion, I invite you to visit with me there. Make sure you give me a holler when you stop by!


Top 7 Reads for May

stack of booksIf you’ve visited my blog at all, you know that my debut novella, Grime Beat, is only a month old. But it isn’t the only new Christian Fiction out there. Here are some good bets that have made it to my reading list. If you like Christian or clean romances, mysteries, or suspense, these books should be on your list as well!

I’ve divided my list into categories depending on what I know of the author and the type of story that their blurb suggests.  Continue reading

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What is Life’s Purpose?

That very question came up when I happened across a tweeted quote from the Dali Lama. I thought, “Really? That’s the only reason we’re here?” That opened a full discussion that I shared today with Jennifer Slattery on her blog. Please visit there and say hi when you stop by!

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Marketing Your Indie Pub

I’ve learned so much from this experience with my new independently-published GRIME BEAT. Today, I’m delighted to be visiting with Sandra Ardoin on her Seriously Write blog, sharing some of the things I’ve learned and others that I’ve gleaned from those with even more experience. I hope you’ll say hi if you stop by to visit!


Texas Living: El Fenix

El FenixDowntown frontDallas, Texas

Since my current series takes place in my hometown, I thought you might want to get some experiences from the city where Jay and Dani do their thing. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, by all means, please Continue reading


Walking with Control

Summer Sunrise in natural Spruce ForestOne of my favorite childhood memories of my daddy was when he would spin me around in the back yard. He’d wrap his arms around me and start whirling around. I’d squeal. Hard Continue reading

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Telling Tales

_Meme19My sweet hubby has started reading GRIME BEAT. I’m ultra-flattered because romantic suspense isn’t normally his preference. But he’s Continue reading


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