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Review: Summer’s Love

Summer's LoveWhat a delightful afternoon I’ve had relaxing with a winsome contemporary novel, Summer’s Love, put out by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. The author is listed as Stu Summers. I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve just read a Continue reading

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Your Carriage Awaits

carriageI’m continuing my discussion about my word of the year, Walk. Physically, I’ve really amped up my workouts, especially with the better weather. But this word speaks more of my walk with God than of the exercising type.

Last weekend, my Continue reading


Indie, Not Lonely

Grime Beat cover5aI’ve been feeling pressure to independently publish for a while, now, but have struggled with self-doubt and fears. It’s hard enough to send my stories to my agent or to editors, but at least with traditional publishing, I can be comforted that other professionals will be laying their eyes on my manuscript before I send it out for the world to see.

With Indie publishing, all of the manuscript is Continue reading

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My First Blog Review!

I’m so excited to receive my first blog review today! What a fun ride this is!

3dbookcoverGF1Check out Brittany McEuen’s review at her blog, Britt Reads!

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New Chapter

EPSON MFP imageThis year, Sweet Hubby and I celebrate 29 years. Wow. Has it been that long? I don’t feel that old, but one look in my mirror proclaims it was’t just yesterday! It’s funny how big events like that can Continue reading

Couldn’t resist this!

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Meme Upright Vacuum3


Texas Living

Texas Flag sq

I love setting my stories in Dallas and North Texas. My first solo publication, Grime Beat, occurs downtown and in the surrounding suburbs. It’s so fun to identify “live” locations! Check out my LIFE IN TEXAS board on Pinterest.

I’ve lived in this area (both suburban and rural) all my life. And there’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing some of the best things that are exclusive to this area. In this case:

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